Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Canadian Tux + Boots = Taylor Swift Concert

The most exciting thing about country music is getting to dress the part!  And boy oh boy, I sure did that yesterday for the Taylor Swift concert.  Jean on jean (aka Canadian Tux) so hot right now.  

So what do you do when the concert of your choice is sold out at The Staple Center?  You call up a promotor, get put on the list for Hyde Lounge, and viola you're attending a free concert!  Little trick of the trade.  

Taylor Swift was unreal.  She knows more about love than most adults do.  Her concert was a good dose of love therapy!  The highlight of the night goes to Justin Bieber for his surprise performance.  I officially have the fever!  The Bieber Fever!

Do yourself a favor and follow Taylor on twitter, she is hilarious:

Taylor I heart you,

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