Tuesday, August 23, 2011


When in doubt of how to plan a party for one of FUNNEST people you know, plan your party at Dimples Karaoke Club in Beautiful (not so much) Downtown Burbank.

It's a show alright.  It's a whole in the wall costume closet where you're bound to run into a celebrity or the most famous regular Dennis Haskins, aka Mr. Belding!  

Did I mention that you get pictures, a dvd of your brilliant performance, and if it's your b-day a blow job shot, t-shirt, and champagne! SCORE! 

I took my girl Lizzie there for her Birthday extravaganza last night.  I wish I could share all the pictures, but Lizzie's parental units would probably sue me, therefore here are the G Rated...

Fun Fact: I worked at Dimples when I first moved to LA.  Good times!  Yes, this is was my head shot.

Tip for the ladies: Sal, the owner, loves women.  Go up to him, smile, flick the lashes and you and your girls are bound to get free drinks!


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