Friday, December 24, 2010


at the Beverly Center.  It made me quite ill.  Taking Jolly Ol' Saint Nick and turning him into a Hollywood Sex Symbol each December made me regurgitate while shopping.  Santa is Nice and Hunky, well he is completely Naughty!  Santa wouldn't be Santa with six pack abs and stripper helpers.  He wants milk and cookies not a protein shake!  It was lovely shopping this year without the shirtless Santa.  There is a time and a place for everything and the half naked Santa in the mall = WRONG.  If I had children I am sure I would be livid, but I am thankful this year that Santa and his Trailer Trash Elf's were absent from my shopping travels.  After a nine years residency at the Beverly Center, the manager pulled the plug and stated, "Hunky just doesn't fit the mall's luxury image."  I will tell you this- money doesn't buy class and Hunky Santa should have been booted years ago. If the manager thought Ben Sherman, Gucci, and my dear Louis Vuitton were offended, he should have been looking out for Steve Madden and Forever 21.  They have feelings too.  Don't worry Hunky, I heard The Thunder from Down Under was hiring in Vegas!    

Merry Christmas Eve,


  1. The times they are a changin':(
    I prefer Santa with a large midsection, flowing white beard, cherry-red cheeks, and smiling.
    Thanks Carlyn:) Good job!

  2. Christmas is a time for tradition and I'm happy to hear that the Beverly Center decided to send Hunky on His Merry Way.

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