Thursday, January 6, 2011

I've Done The Math

And it's really quite simple... 2011 is PROMISING!  The death of 2010 births a new beginning for ALL!  I believe it's never too late to do what you know in your heart you were meant to do!  So what are any of us waiting for?  Let's live 2011 with INTENTION!  Do what you want to do, go where you want to go, and speak your truth.  It's amazing how fast time flies by, which gets me to thinking how ridiculous it is to sweat the small stuff.  I don't believe in setting New Year Resolutions- it's like embarking on a fad diet; it seems like a good idea and you may fit into your skinny jeans, but your cranky and starving.  Instead, I set a New Year To Do list.  I find the biggest post-it I can get my little hands on and scribble down my must do's for the year.

My To Do List & Wish List for DTLA in 2011:

Finally take a ride on an Angels Flight street car!

All I want is a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods or Fresh n' Easy!

Tame my vampire-esk skin at Neihules second location, where they now have Spray Tans... YES Spray Tans.  They are now open on 7th St. next to Soi 7!

I would sign a petition for the Holiday lights hanging on 4th Street between Spring and Main to stay up all year long!

I plan on getting plenty of home massages with hot stones and chiropractic therapy treatments from Body Clinic LA (!  Tell them Carlyn sent you.

I would like the Target to open sooner rather than the later date of 2012.

Make the ART WALK a monthly habit.

Be on the Board of BID!

Climb the stairs of the US Bank Building!

Host a wine tasting party at the Swirl Automatic!

Be a member of the Los Angeles Athletic Club.
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I better get cracking,


  1. Awesome post Carly, so true & inspiring! Happy 2011, hope it's the best one yet!

  2. a very uplifting and motivating post, thanks :)