Friday, December 17, 2010

I am not one to name drop, BUT...

(The daughter on the right)
Reverend Run's daughter lives in my building. I don't know her name, but I am in love with the white Porsche and rhinestone license plate holder she chose to pimp out her ride...Not too shabby! So feminine, and the pearls hanging from the rear view mirror- nice touch! Then, I got to thinking about how much I adore her dad (aka Run DMC) in the bathtub ‘Tweeting’ his wisdom of the day, which he did on their reality show Run's House on MTV. This lead me to two facts, ONE, I love bubble baths and TWO, I have wisdom to share with you as well. Here it goes:

Don't let anyone take your sunshine away! Remember that no one can rob you of your happiness, it's only you that can allow their words to affect you! So surround yourself with the people that let you take center stage every day or at least let you think that you do! Peace & Love,

Maybe I will make a habit of this too? But, friends don't let friends blog and bathe.

Shine on,

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