Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Things We Remember

I remember quite a bit of useless information.  For example: what I wore to school on the first day of Junior High at Rancho Santa Margarita Intermediate, or my first Boyfriend's middle name (that's impressive since I have dated my fair share of boys, not to be confused with MANFRIENDS), or how my friend Jessica never took off her purple, high top converses in the third grade!  My brain obsorbed this nonsense like a sponge soaked in water.  My Stepfather told me numerous times growing up, "Always remember and never forget."  I hate that saying it makes me cringe, why, I don't know.  Then there are those memories that are fuzzy, it's at the tip of my tongue, you know?  Like what was that last ingredient in my Grandma's world famous stew, or was it a left or a right to get to that print shop (even though I am proud to say, I have an internal compass like Magellan), or what channel and time Modern Family is on (thank you, who ever invented TVO, now I can record all my favorite shows like: How I Met Your Mother, Glee, Vampire Diaries, The Ellen Degenerous Show, The Good Wife, True Blood, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians) and all the while still have a social life.  My dearest and longest friend, Gregg, would be the King of Useless Information ( I'll admit this once and only once- I want this talent)!  He knows everything about everything.  He is hip, knowledgeable, and oh so cultivating with his sly conversation starters, "Have you been to that new awesome Thai Restaurant on 7th?"  Of course I haven't.  How does he do it?  He knows who owns the place, who works there, what the prices are, and what to order, when they only had their soft opening yesterday!  Jealous would be an understatement.  I pride myself on being in the know, especially when this is what my blog is partially about and you can rest easy when I tell you my skills are cornering the market nowadays!  I have showed him a thing or two since moving to LA.  Frankly, I try to stump him!  Yep, he makes me work for it and I suppose I have him to thank for my event planning abilities and introducing me to my great love, DTLA (Downtown LA).  Now where was I?  Oh yes, remembering....
When I was sixteen years old I went to Cancun with my best friend, Amber and her drop-dead gorgeous mother, Robin.  It was every teenage girl's dream.  The hot sandy beaches, young six pack abs, and Virgin Miami Vices (half strawberry daiquiri, half pina colada).  We were blonder than blonde, tanner than Snooki from Jersey Shores, and imitating the music video Crazy, by Aerosmith every chance we got.  Night one: The three of us walked up to Coco Bongo and there was a line for days.  Robin grabbed our hands and pulled us to the front!  She flashed her smile to the Hulk Hogan like bouncer and IN we went.  We walked right in... and we walked right in with Swagger!  It was the first time I realized the power of short shorts, long hair blowing in the wind, and how to walk with a purpose.  Robin lead us to the bar where we were handed free drinks (Virgin) and that was when I got the lesson I will always REMEMBER.. "Okay girls, there are three rules you must know.  One, never wait in line.  Two, never pay full price, and three, never settle for less."  It was like the clouds parted and the angels started singing as I obtained the knowledge that changed my life forever (remember, I was sixteen).  I've never forgotten those rules and I have definitely applied them when needed on my journey to adulthood!  For example, last week I went to Elevate Lounge to see my friend Dyla DJ.  The line was around the corner and I was MORE than over it.  I walked up to the doorman and told a little white lie, "We're going to Takami for a drink (the restaurant connected to the club)."  We walked in took the elevator up to the top and walked by Takami where we weren't planning on going and then the second doorman stopped us at the Elevate door and said we needed vouchers from the doorman downstairs!  And another white lie slipped out, "We had dinner at Takami and we're here to suppost DJ Dyla."  In we went!  NEVER WAIT IN LINE!  It's silly I know, but why the heck not!  It's kind of fun to see what you can get away with along as it's not going to hurt anybody!  I believe the most important rule is rule three, NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS!  We ALL deserve the best.  The best of friends, the best jobs, the best lovers, and the BEST life has to offer! Robin's message spoke volumes in that sense!  I learned that I'm worthy of the BEST, because I only give my BEST!  So why settle if you don't feel butterflies?  What do you lovelies remember?


  1. All girls should get Robin's speech, but her wisdom is good at any age.

  2. Haha i love it....i definitely remember my moms infamous words now. Love you car so many great times!!!! Love- Amber

  3. Haha, I can't wait for more Robin-isims. I know she drives to LA all the time, so make her call me so we can shop and chat! I miss her! xoxo and you of course!