Thursday, February 4, 2010

Coffee! Yummy in my Tummy.

I know that you're out there, thousands of Angelinos that need coffee every morning before they can even get into the shower.  And all the other thousands of you crave it half way through your day!  Where do you grab your morning and or afternoon pick me up?  Are you the commercial Starbuck-er or Coffee Bean-er?  If you're from the East Coast you're probably a Dunkin' Donuts-er?  (I love this 'er' thing.)  In all sincerity here, I don't understand how a banana at Starbucks is 90 cents and a banana at Trader Joe's is 19 cents, any takers? I personally only hit those two places up when I am in a mad rush or have a gift card (thanks Santa, I mean Mom).  Is it just me or are these over commercialized, over publicized, and over populated coffee shops, like totally bumming you out?  I feel guilty spending $4.59 on a Grande Sugar Free Vanilla Soy Latte and just when I say that to myself, I read the sleeve embracing my cup and it says you're helping the environment when you Perk UP Here!  I am calling their bluff on this cup of JOE.  I am a RECESSIONISTA, dam it!  It's now time to live up to the part!  I am not giving up coffee; I am just going to be smart about it!  As my blog grows, I'm spending more and more of my time in coffee shops, and more and more time sipping on new coffee deliciousness.  BUT, I go to these intimate coffee shops and show love to the small business owners:
My all time favorite is The Novel Cafe!  I have been going there for about four years.  FREE internet (unlike the Starbucks on 11th and Grand) FREE parking (this could be the only free parking in Los Angeles), and local artists display their recent works of beauty for all to see and enjoy.  They have a brilliant selection of breakfast foods and lunch munchies (the quiche is delectable).  The Barista's are your laidback pals, dressed casual and you'll instantly feel at home!  The patrons are artists and business suits with friendly faces and different stories.  When your eyes start to itch from staring at your screen or book for too long, strike up a conversation... you never know what interesting character is sitting right next to you.  The Novel Cafe has loft appeal, plenty of electrical sockets for your electronics, and an urban hip vibe that will bring you back for more!
And yes, The Novel Cafe used to be called Groundworks. 
Arts Districts
811 Traction Ave
Los Angeles, Ca 90013
(Ps...Nikki is my favorite, you'll love him.  Check out his band on

Option two, Lost Souls Cafe.  This place is an adventure.  It's a hidden gem.  I am not going to tell you exactly how to get there because I don't want to take away your potential fun!  It's down an alley in the Old Bank District and I must say right now this little place made me fall even harder for DTLA.  I feel alive and almost like a way cool-er New Yorker.  It has a very similar vibe to The Novel Cafe, but this lovely place has games, books, magazines, and the comfy tattered couches remind you of the ones you sat on when you were studying in college.  There is a mini stage-like area and microphones. Yes, they have poetry and open mic nights.  Anything is possible in this place I tell you.  The food menu is extensive, with crepes, smoothies, and burgers... Oh get this they just added organic beer.  I can already see myself blogging and beerring!
Old Bank District
4th and Main/ 4th and Spring (that's all I am going to tell you)
Option three, if you're located closer to South Park or you feel a tad too over dressed to hop into The Novel Cafe or Lost Souls (not that it should matter); I suggest that you and your sexy designer briefcase make a pit stop-at Bottega Louie. Granted this is not just a coffee shop its EVERYTHING you ever wanted and needed in your mouth all at the same time shop! Taste buds APPROVED. You have your jams, your pizza, your pastries, your martinis, and your freshly made cappuccino! I love the high, high, high ceilings and the open kitchen. There is nothing more honest than watching the cooks at work! My belly feels safe! Anyways, this place is more than fabulous, and if you’re the afternoon pick-me-up kind-of-coffee-person, go to Bottega Louie for caffeine and lunch.
700 S. Grand Ave
Los Angeles, Ca 90017

In closing, let's all go buy the new Keurig B60 Coffee Maker and save our money! Nothing like one coffee at a time. If you are going to splurge on the coffee brewed to your absolute perfection I encourage you go to one of my three picks!

Twitching from too much caffeine,

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