Friday, January 29, 2010

You are what you EAT?

I have heard this saying for as long as I can remember, hell I almost remember hearing it in a past life, if that's possible!  What are y'all eating?  I just got off the phone with my Southern Grandmother who happened to be sipping on sweet tea and just got back from a luncheon composed of potato salad, deviled eggs, corn bread, and fried chicken.  I am most certainly not washing that down with sweet tea on any given day, but I wish I could!  I am lucky though, I grew up in the best of both worlds; my mother, an Ex-Italian health nut (she gave up the Carbs) and my father, the Southern (lets eat three meals a day that all include heavy red meats).  He would say, "Why honey, for breakfast you got you some grits and sausage, for lunch a BBQ sandwich, and for dinner some pork roast along side of some there collard greens (that was to be read in a southern accent)."  Traveling back and forth between my parents houses growing up made me a teeter totter on the scale.  During the summers and holidays I would undoubtedly put on the 'divorced childs 15,' similar to the 'college 15.'  My mother would pick me up with disgust and before I knew it, I was back to carrots and almonds, salads and white fish, or anything from Trader Joe's.  Then the cycle would repeat.  My dad would pick me up for the weekend, "Are they starving you in there?  Don't worry Grandma's got supper waiting; coleslaw, chicken and dumplings, garlic bread, mashed potatoes, and Aunt Emma's peanut butter chocolate moose pie ." If you're drooling feel free to grab a napkin now.   The pounds flew on, AGAIN!  Of course at this age, weight was no issue and nor were my taste buds,  I liked everything and still do!   So if  I was what I ate at the tender age of ten, I was without a doubt a YOYO!  Half vegetarian.  Half carnivore.  Sometimes a size small and sometimes a size large.  Have your eating habits always been the same?  As an adult, I would say I have learned 'everything in moderation' for the most part!  I will never give up ice cream or Yogertland, but I have learned substitution, and the power of digesting clean, raw foods.  I still hate Kombucha, sorry I do, and I don't care if it has live cultures in there or not!!!  Two days ago I ate at Shabu Shabu in Little Tokyo.  As I was cooking my food in the bowling hot water (all the while getting a facial) I made the decision not to eat the sticky white rice, but found myself thinking how healthy is it to just be scarfing down the beef?  I know my Yoga teacher would kill me.  Here's where I get lost; if I am not eating delicious breads, I am without a doubt going to be eating meat, but that's where the live food movement comes in and tells me I am doing it all wrong!  Being half Italian and half Southern, you would think I had my way in the kitchen and that is so not the case.  My specialty would be tacos, salmon, veggie salads, and homemade cookies.  If I knew more about cooking I would certainly introduce more raw foods into my diet.  In the mean time, where are you guys dinning out?


  1. Can you suggest a restaurant or recipe to us readers who want to eat clean but enjoy a good meal??

  2. I'm mostly italian and all southern myself....once you move to Cali, you realize life sucks when you're used to all the "wrong, but oh so good stuff" with that said, I'm in the same boat. I know what to do and how to do it and yada yada's hard! The YoYo wants to keep spinning...oh well, watcha gonna do...HELP if you got it girl! I need it! Oh this is Angelle, btw

  3. Hi Angelle,
    How are ya lovie? Let's grab a bite soon! hahah
    no, but seriously!

  4. i couldnt agree with you more! the saying, "you are what you eat" As a child i ate a lot of paste and my teacher, parents, and fellow students shunned upon my actions. Now as an adult i find myself getting into quite a few sticky situations!!!

    also how many burgers do i have to consume to get my head to look like that one in the picture?