Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I would like to go all Conan O'Brian on this, but I don't have another Network in the wings.

I had to chew a bigger bite than I would normally chew today (unless it was my Mom’s Tuna Casserole of course). Why don't we sing this one out loud together, "There's always gonna be another mountain, I'm always gonna wanna make it move...It's the climb," gosh I love this Disney, over-played KIIS FM song by Miley Cyrus. On the contrary, I don't like that my boyfriend thinks that I look like the sixteen year old character she plays, Hannah Montana! Sadly, she was my doppelganger. I got let go, terminated, if you will. Governor Arnold, I will take this up with you in Sacramento next month on behalf of all the Angelinos out of work! This will be my third job that bit the dust in 2010 (I am a girl of many crafts)! Oh recession go away, don't come back another day! I have been the Social Director at 717 Olympic High Rise for almost two years! Think love boat captain extraordinaire. Think camp counselor or my favorite, your college RA. My vulnerability, open heart policy (that I live by), put trust in the Residents and we quickly became a community that couldn’t fight off becoming a tight knit family. We were a success. Granted, the wine tastings and martini nights broke the seal of shyness and took the edge off the long work days, non-the-less, we were bonded. Most events continued after my two hour Sky Lounge events at the Residents private apartments or local bars! We have partied together, celebrated addition to our families together, grieved and lost together, but mostly we have loved and laughed together! I have loved watching some of you fall in love (you know who you are) and been honored to be there when you needed a friend. Sometimes I wonder if I got more out of this than the YOU actually did!
I miss it already, but it’s not over till the fat lady sings in April. Maybe Felipe will sing us an Italian Aria (Not that he is Italian, but I bet he would be good at it. There is nothing he can’t do)? On this note, Felipe is the Concierge of all Concierges’! He knows everyone or more over, everyone knows him! He has a heart of gold and a personality to make your stomach hurt from laughing! 717 Residents are more than lucky to have this lovely man greeting them every day! That's what I will miss! I will miss the family and sense of community which we created within this building! It’s time to move along and spread my love. My plan is to blog my little heart out, make you laugh, and keep you up to date with all the fun DTLA continues to offer. Are you ready, because now I won’t have a filter?

Still cruising on the Love Boat till April 1st (when I jump ship),

The photo is from my first event at 717 in June 2008


  1. "It's always darkest before the dawn."
    ~Batman...I think.

  2. Intriguing...Now I want to check this place out. Thanks for the tip!