Saturday, February 20, 2010

I went hiking last night at Runyon Canyon...

In my Burberry Bikini, Nike Shox's, and Carmen San Diego trench coat.  I had a wedgy riding with all the might of a Bully working the school playground and Ryan Gosling following right behind me!  It was horrific really.  Oh, did I mention this was a dream, no you're right more of a nightmare.  This nightmare would be the third run-in for me and the terribly handsome blonde (even though I am more of a tall dark and handsome kind of gal).  We first caught eyes in front of The Hellman Building during the DTLA Art Walk and I almost lost it when I sat next to him after a long night of partying at The MBar.  So this must be a sign from the heavens above and therefore I must do the following:
Dear Ryan Gosling,
It's me, the girl with a wedgy you dreamt about last night!  Last time we chatted, you said bye "Ms. Downtown," so I just know you're following my blog closely (who am I kidding), therefore, call me, charm me, hell just Rachel McAdam Me already!
Trench Coat Carlyn

Dreams are interesting and usually make no sense what so ever!  What is your subconscious telling you? Listen closely it could be important!  You may be hiking at Runyon half naked.
Dream Big,


  1. I've been dreaming about Zombie Pidgeons stealing my crackers while running a marathon. Wonder what that means? ;)

  2. Matt, you know they saw if a bird poops on you it's good luck! Hope that makes your nightmare seem a tad bit brighter! xoxo
    p.s... I've got the bird doo twice! Maybe they just say that to make you feel better, but lets run with it.