Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bromance to Romance

I want to thank Brody Jenner and 717 Olympic for the wonderful Bromance that turned into my Romance, otherwise know as Luke Verge. For the hundred thousand million or quadrillion of you that did not sit at the edge of your seat watching and wondering who Brody would choose to replace his douche bag bff Spencer Pratt, well it was none other than my boyfriend! I guess it was destiny. I believe things happen for a reason but more importantly I know that timing is everything! When I had to plan Luke's "Welcome to the Building" party, being that I am the event planner for 717, I never thought that this 'dude' would make me laugh till my stomach hurt, be more polite than any guy I have dated, be genuinely sincere and a complete family man. No way. I was stumped and totally smitten over his Boston accent or is it dialect? I told Luke to invite any friends that he wanted, honestly thinking, how many could he really have since he just moved here today? To my surprise this guy brought 60 people. The cast, the crew, and friends that had previously lived in LA showed up to support him. Needles to say, I was shocked! This guy brought more people to a little mixer than I invited to my 25th Birthday! Luke is the type of guy that never meets a stranger. His positive energy is infecious.
Anyways, for all of you who ask me all the time, "Does Brody even hangout with Luke?" Here is my annoying answer with a question- "Does Luke even hangout with Brody?" Let's just bury this once and for all though. YES, they hangout occasionally when their schedules allow. Brody is a good guy... and we all know Luke is amazing! Now that I am no longer playing defense... If you want a good laugh watch full episodes of Bromance on MTV.com or I am sure Luke has something up his sleeve for you soon.

Bromance lover,

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