Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Baddest Thing Around Town

It's without a doubt, Cheri Rae's Peace Yoga Gallery! What's hotter than working on making yourself beautiful from the inside out? Nothing. When we are on that mat anything is possible and at the end of class we yell out, "I am beautiful. I am a Billionaire. I am a sexy piece of Ass!" Okay, so now you're thinking this is unlike any other yoga I've ever heard of, which it is. There is no competition,100 degree-smelly rooms like in Bikram or overly mystical hippies like in Kundalini (don't get me wrong, I like to sweat and believe I can invoke spirits). This place is raw. We practice Ashtanga Yoga through meditation, poses, breathing, and more importantly leaving all our shit at the door! I laugh, I sweat, I cry, and I laugh a little more! I leave smiling. I reconnected with myself and the universe and nothing looks the same! Life tastes better! In the few weeks that I have been practicing with Cheri, I have become addicted to my practice because it makes me a better person. If you do anything my fellow downtowner's, do yourself and this world a favor by loving yourself enough to take a class at Peace Yoga Gallery. I mean, I guess you can go anywhere, but Cheri is passionate- she will embrace you, love you, and respect you when your learning to do that for yourself. On a side note I must tell you, I laugh my booty off because she has a bit of a potty mouth... you'll see! Just go and you will be changed forever.

No Yoga = No Peace
Know Yoga = Know Peace



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  1. best part is ...i like to sweat and believe i can envoke spirts. you make me chuckle.