Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Bravery

If you're in Las Vegas this weekend, be sure to catch The Bravery at Mandalay tomorrow night!

The first time I met my boyfriend, I saw him from across the room and instantly knew that I had to know him.  I was drawn to him.  It's something I cannot describe, but maybe it is along the lines of "love at first sight."  The evening was coming to an end before we started chatting.  We were actually at an event were Jeremy Piven was playing the drums so our conversation was music.  When he told me he was the drummer of The Bravery, I could not place their songs in my head, but I heard the band name a thousand times before.  The next day I googled the band and was like "wow, I probably sounded like a complete idiot talking about bands I loved."  Anthony got my number, but I didn't hear from him for an entire month.  After that we were inseparable.  It's now safe to say that I am his biggest fan.  Grab tickets- TicketMaster and go play with my favorite band in sin city!


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