Friday, January 13, 2012

Hey Coachella! How YOU do'in?

It’s that stressful time of year again! Today music lovers everywhere scrabble to order Coachella tickets.  Considering how cool I am and the fact I date a musician who has rocked the stages, you'd think I would have been to this hipster fest, but I haven’t.  I am dying to go and experience the madness. But in true Carlyn fashion, I will wait to the last minute or find someone with an extra ticket who wants me as their sidekick!  There are two artists I am dying to see- Lissie and Lana Del Rey.  I want to see Lissie because she is a BAD-A**  who does’t give a RATS-A**.  As for Lana, I am not sure if I am intrigued with her music or her absolutely stunning face!  In conclusion, it’s about time they made this thing two weekends—this might just be my year!

I can't wait to get sunburnt & recycle water bottles,

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