Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I cannot wait to pig-out, but more importantly I cannot wait to spend time with my family.  They only live about an hour from Los Angeles, but I definitely do not make the drive as often as I should.  
Our Family Thanksgiving Traditions
We all go around the table and tell everyone what we are Thankful For and then after grubbing, we go around the table again and each share our talent.  My brother, Max, usually plays a guitar solo and then my sister, Madeline, will sing a song from a musical. For the life of me, I cannot remember what I shared last year.  This probably has something to do with the fact we were in Las Vegas last year for Thanksgiving, which means I was drinking.  I am not sure what talent to share tomorrow (I mean, I have so many to choose from)!  After the Turkey we play boardgames (BalderDash) and head to the movies!  Since my Mom is feeling a little under the weather, we are each planning on making a dish for dinner.  I have NO CLUE what to make.  One of these perhaps:
Now if I can only learn how to cook in the next 24 hours!
What are your Holiday Traditions?

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