Monday, May 23, 2011

Rancho Arroyo Grande

 I was in Wine Country a couple weeks ago!  It was absolutely Breathtaking!  I stayed at a friends Ranch/Winery and I'd be lying if I said I missed the city.  We were 20 minutes from a town you would miss if you blinked.  It was just us and the grapes.  The guys were recording, so when the drums weren't beating, all you could hear were the birds and the bees!  I chilled poolside, reading "The Celestine Prophesy"- getting my spirituality on if you will.

Night one, we made spaghetti squash, spinach salad with walnuts, and corn on the cob.  The only "we" part was me drinking Tacate and slicing olives.  Night two was Hot Pockets.

The gorgeous house.

The pool over looking the vineyard.

The men slaved away on new music...
John Conway loves Thomas Appell.
The Studio.
The equipped room.

I cannot wait to go back!  Next time there will be more wine tasting and dirt bike riding,

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