Saturday, May 21, 2011


Not really, but I thought it was a catchy title; Bruce Willis-esk! Cinespia, my favorite summer activity, opened its gates for the 10th season last weekend.  Me and my possy (meaning me and Natalia) went for the viewing of Cat on a Tin Roof starring Elizabeth Taylor.  As Cher Horowits would say, "Totally Betty."  We had blankets, cheese, wine, and M n' M's!  I love hanging out with hipsters in a cemetery!  You should too, check out this seasons schedule @  I am cemetery bound again tonight with Jenny May Meyers and The Swede for The Shining, another classic I have yet to see.

Note, bring a candle for your cemetery picnic- everyone's doing it,

A few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

We concluded, Natalia was going for the Brett Michael's look!

Cheese'in and wine and quality people watching.

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