Friday, April 29, 2011

The Biological Clock Is Ticking?

I didn't think it was... but now with the stalking features of Facebook, I can see that I may be behind schedule.  All my high school buddies are sporting baby bumps and wedding photos on their profile pictures.  I am beginning to feel like Elizabeth from Eat, Pray, Love.  But, in all seriousness, what are they putting in the water?

Reality Check!  This is why Mother's pray for patience. 

Those two look like a full-time job.  I am not ready for that responsibility, but maybe no one is ever ready until it happens.

You can catch me focusing on the "First Comes LOVE, then Comes MARRIAGE" part for now.

Boycotting Diapers in the City,


  1. hahaha, so damn true. I'm with you...I may be Mrs. don't call me a wife but the babies thing is gonna have to wait for awhile!

  2. This is funny. Cute blog!