Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's true... I'm head over heels in LOVE.

Lately, I have been asked numerous questions about my love affair with DTLA and it's really quite simple... "When I am hungry for inspiration, Los Angeles feeds me. That's why I'm going to help feed Los Angeles." So my apologies for disappearing on you for awhile.
Allow me to re-introduce myself... I am the girl who fell madly, deeply, and passionately in love with my neighborHOOD!  Just ask my populated closet- I have two of the same sweaters in different colors to prove it! I love the the flavor and culture that comes with this booming city and what makes it unique are the Angelinos that dwell in our city lofts.  I would like to state confidently that if you live in Downtown LA it's not by accident.  If you live down here it's because you want to be down here.  You did not land here by mere chance, like most people who decide to move here from Wichita, for example, and end up renting some undesirable hut in NoHo or worse, the Valley.  There is no "Keeping up with the Jone's" here, there is only keeping up with yourself.  It takes a special individual to be a Downtowner and these are the special people I want to know- the downtown small business owners, the artists, the hipsters, the suits, and the doc's because each soul brings a little sparkle, which collectively lights our city. 

Now, only if we had a Target (which is on the way), Trader Joe's, and Bloomingdale's I would never get Island Fever.  Come on BID (DTLA Business Improvement District)!  We're counting on you!

Back Bloggin' on the usual,
I LOVE My Hood sweater from Forever 21.


  1. Dear Ms. Downtown,
    I'm so happy to hear you're back online blogging. I've missed your style, sense of humor and creative outlook on the downtown dwellers. Cheers to more of your upcoming blogs.
    your loyal reader

  2. How cute are you in that pic! I'm actually moving to Santa Monica in February, so excited! I will need to get all the tips & tricks of L.A. from you ;-)