Monday, June 21, 2010

I Wear Green

Not because I wish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day again or because it brings out my green eyes, but because I quit the Lakers! Game 7 really was the end all. It's more than unfortunate that we have fans with no class or respect for our city. Idiotically, I decided to watch Game 7 in Hollyweird (thinking I would stay out of the madness) to my astonishment guns were fired less than a block away from the bar we resided; my car was keyed in valet and gangsters roamed the streets like the headless horseman. Dorothy’s words couldn’t have rang any truer, “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…” I quickly realized that if Hollywood is bad, Downtown would be in shambles! I had to get home and protect my turf. As Kevin McCallister would say, “This is my house and I have to defend it (Home Alone. One of my favorite movies)! Anguish swiftly took over as cops advanced our streets with shields and smoke bombs. I drove home nauseous and disgusted with the human race. As I approached 6th and Flower I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t on set of the sequel to Independence Day, this time with me starring next to Will Smith. The looters were everywhere, tagging our walls and robbing our stores. You would have thought the aliens were coming down! I thought to myself, “Should I head to the US Bank Building and wait for the end?” My personal favorite “barbarian move” was the attack on a GREEN taxi, which they beat to death with bats and then set on fire. Really? I would like to know how the apes get off on this?

If these so called "fans" are die hard and loyal, the only way to get through their peanuts size brains is for the Lakers’ themselves to address the catastrophe that occurred Thursday night. Where is our Gotham City Batman when you need him? No one is addressing this issue! The Los Angeles radio stations were bad mouthing on the norm (you know Lindsay Lohan and Kristie Alley) but, where were the blunt Kevin and Bean when you needed them? Is everyone afraid? I for one would love to see our city leaders step up! I DON’T want my home TRASHED! We have invested too much of our time, support, and care into this community to see it massacred in a matter of seconds! And we haven’t even begun to speak of the innocent bystanders who are suffering from what was supposed to be a celebration of a back to back victory not a series of crude crimes. But, NO, today is the Lakers’ Parade (as if we deserve it) where even more of our hard earned tax dollar is going to clean up trash, graffiti, and pay our countless police officers! This money could be going to our desperate school systems that are in dire need of funds for our children! In four words, I’m sick about it!  What are your thoughts?

Turning into a Celtics Fan,


  1. A collection was started to buy the guy a new car.

    But I very much agree, bunch of animals.

  2. The Lakers should speak up...after all LA is their home town.
    But a picture is worth a thousand words or so they say...could there be a sub-human class brewing in the bowels of this great city or is it just lack of respect and up bringing? You're right...alert Batman or least the major.

  3. so well said carlyn. its ridiculous and sad. i remember seeing the "celebrate with dignity" commercial featuring the lakers after the game and thinking "oh, that's interesting." not even realizing the need for it. the lakers should ABSOLUTELY speak out. its truly disgusting. if this is what they do when their team wins, just imagine if they had lost. idiots.

  4. i did the same and got out of downtown! just imagine if the lakers lost?! it would've been worse i bet... carlyn, you should become a knicks fan like me cuz we haven't and will not be celebrating anything anytime soon. hahaha

  5. Carlyn,
    I agree. Glad you posted this.
    The photo showing the thug on the car (criminy, how would you like to run into THAT in a dark alley?)...I wonder what the rest of the country thought when they saw that? The world?
    Where were the cops? They KNEW this kind of thing was going to happen. Every officer in the city should have been on duty that night.
    Where was Phil Jackson after the fact? Did he verbally savage the rioters? Koby?
    The sad thing is, 99% of the Lakers fans took a slap in the face because of the mindless actions of the few. All of Los Angeles suffered. Where was the victory?
    Lakers, step up. All of you make truckloads of money, live in houses most of us can only dream of. You're insulated. Come to the defense of your city and the DECENT fans who love you. Apologize to the world for us.

  6. Thanks for the comments guys! I know this is not my norm up-beat post, but it has been bothering me! The saying- "Your friends are a reflection of yourself," well, these fans are not making me look good and they are killing it for DECENT fans (as you said Sean)! Thanks for reading... Carlyn

  7. Wow, this is random, I think I went to Santa Margarita with you :-) Yay for blogging, haha.

    I can't believe your car was keyed & you heard gunshots near where you were...INSANE.

    It's completely bittersweet b/c I have been a fan of the Lakers since the 80's & beyond excited when they won (especially after such a crazy game) but was so disappointed in the fans as well...the team should have spoke up, definitely.

    I actually went to the Parade and luckily, people behaved themselves. The good thing however is that the Lakers actually picked up the tab for the parade this year, which I thought was awesome and necessary considering how much money the organization makes.

    Happy blogging :-)

    P.S. Loved your Home alone reference ;-)