Thursday, April 15, 2010

Is it Luck or Just Good Aim?

When rollerblading in Venice, there are two things to be weary of, one Seagulls and two, Europeans (tourists with huge over-the-shoulder Nikons and money they do not use to tip with). If you feel a wet substance smack you… Yes, it’s Seagull Doo. Feel free to say eww now! If you’re forced off the boardwalk by bikers on the wrong side of the trail and fall on your bum… Yes, it’s Europeans. Feel free to say ouch now!

It seems that my Venice outing can put to rest the good luck myth tangled up with bird poop. Obviously, or I would not be writing and sitting on a frozen pack of peas right now. Can someone please tell me again why they say this is good luck?  From my experience these “Doo Doo Bombings” have declared war on me more times than I can count, and I have yet to win the lottery, and I have yet to purchase the three bedroom penthouse at Evo with my winnings. On the bright side, thank you, you filthy bird for not doo-ing in my hair or worse; my mouth when I was lying on the ground lifeless after the European-hit-n-run.

If you’re venturing over to the westside, bring wet naps and butt pads,


  1. The photograph paints a vivid picture of the Seagull's vicious pooping attack while the European runs you off the boardwalk onto your bum. Pain can be so funny some time. Chuckling

  2. How did I miss this one, lol? It's hilarious.