Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot. Wouldn't you like to get away?

When I want to get away, I go to THE ASSOCIATION.  This is my Cheers Bar. It’s the place I go where everybody knows my name and whether anyone admits it or not, everyone likes going somewhere where their known. It gives you that small town feel that perhaps you miss. McCoy Miller, one of the owners, IS TO DIE FOR, he’s got some serious Southern boy hospitality syndrome, and that ‘I want to take you home to Mom’ it factor oozing out his pores! Look for this tall handsome lad chilling along the sides of the bar. If you have the opportunity to strike up a diddy about anything, do it! I fell in love with this bar after a breakup, you know the kind of break up that makes you want to drink, forget, and act like you don’t want him back! The booze selection at Association helped considerably on my mission to a renewed heart and toxin filled liver. The friendly and handsome bartenders made it easy to forget what’s his name? Especially the mysterious Larry! He’s got the creative, sexy musician attitude that draws you in as his Mixology skills concoct your drinks to perfection! Then again so did all the shots of Fortalez Tequilla. Why is watching a man creating a tasty drink so attractive? Nothing’s sexier right? Anyways, go to Association; make a drunken name for yourself. Fall in love there. Fall out of love there. Either way, get there, and I promise my go-to-bar will be the one night stand that turns into a long loving relationship! I recommend starting with a French 75, if you don’t like Gin, tell them you want a French 76 and they will make it with Vodka instead! The drinks are strong and this lounge is dark so be careful…everyone looks great in this sexy lighting (Edward Cullen would live there)!

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