Thursday, February 11, 2010

You've been slapped by a Mini Cooper

Why a Mini Cooper can be a slap in the face (I refer to the Mini with 'She/Her' because my Mini is an English Lassie named Lucy):
She doesn't need an intersection to flip a bitch. She can do that in her own lane.
When it rains, she morphs into a boat.
The speedometer might as well have been invented by Flavor Flav.
Her movie career is better than mine with Blockbuster hits such as Austin Powers and The Italian Job.
The gas mileage is redonkulous.
What other car can get away with a British Flag on its roof and checkered mirrors?
It's the only car where stripes are sexy. No stripes on Mustangs and especially NO stripes on Range Rovers.  Come on people!
You get out of carpools and taking all of your friends out.
She has her own blog and club with Mini go-ers and followers! What other car has that?
Her dash lights come with a flick of the, blue, purple.  No mood it can't treat.  And No disco we haven't danced to!
Oh and my favorite, she holds value! Not that I am going to adopt a new baby anytime soon.
Just when you think there is a parking spot... there's a Mini Cooper in it. On this note, if you have a Mini and do not use the MINI ETIQUETTE, take your car back and buy a MINI VAN instead... I am revoking your MINI PRIVILAGES.
Mini Etiquette: When parking your Mini, DO NOT pull all the way forward. This way a car can see the rear end of the Mini when looking for a spot in an over-crowded lot. This is greatly appreciated.

I am privileged to have a red Mini Cooper with white stripes. Her name is Lucy and she defines fun and honks sassiness!

Save a gas guzzler, RIDE a MINI,

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  1. YES!! AT LAST!! Someone who understands. Riding a MINI (and yes, you "ride" a Mini, you don't "drive" one) turns everyday reality into a hyper-reality...with a soundtrack! As someone who sports Union Jacks on both side mirrors, I have to admit, that soundtrack is usually by the Libertines, the Jam, the Zombies, the Beatles, and yes...even the Monkees! My Mini makes driving anywhere an adventure. What other car could make the endless turns of 717 Olympic's parking lot into a Disneyland ride? (Usually it's Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, but on special days its Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!)

    Happy Valentine's Day!