Monday, January 25, 2010


Junk, junk, the magical clutter, the more I collect the more burden to ponder...
I seriously have no clue to how I have gathered so much crap! I am not a hoarder, if you haven't seen that show go to or and check it out( Search: Hoarders). That show blew my mind. I don't try to collect useless items of CRAP. I am sure no one does, but it happens. I have five different types of mascara and only one set of my God given lashes (unnecessary). I have four open mustard jars in my fridge (unnecessary). I have two copies of the movie Legally Blonde (extremely unnecessary) and I had two copies of "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert but gave one to my friend (realizing how unnecessary it was). How does it happen? It's not like I sit in front of my television and order things off the HSN (Home Shopping Network), and since I just brought that up, don't ever do that people! On top of that, I don't have a storage unit or even a storage closet, but a 1,000 square foot loft. No garage or anything. So I suggest we get on this together! Spring cleaning in January. Spring cleaning for the New Year and mostly, Spring cleaning for yourself and any innocent bystander that happens to walk into your humble abode. Cleanliness is next to Godliness... blah blah blah, but really when you live in CLUTTER, your life IS CLUTTERED. Here's what we're gonna do: 1). Dock your Ipod and blast it to your favorite play list, 2). Pop open that bottle of wine that you been saving for a special occasion and make this a joyous event (this will make it easier to let go), 3). Start with a small room i.e. your bathroom or closet. If you haven't used it in six months let it go, 4). Organize as you go (dump/store) 5). Remember less is more! If you don't love it chuck it (this includes boy/girlfriends)!
If you want to sell things, what are you waiting for? The time is now! Like my Father always says, "One mans funk is another mans treasure," and yes he is from the South. Once you made your piles and cleared your space out you must go to The Container Store!!! There will NOW be a place for everything and I guarantee you will sleep better at night! Oh, and FYI for all you ladies who save dead and dried out flowers...toss them it's really bad Feng Shui.
Good luck,


  1. I had a very similar realization regarding junk. It all started when my gf made me watch my fav show of all time ;) (not) Millionaire Matchmaker!

    The two guys were under 30 and ran junk removal companies! I thought to myself people have so much junk, wtf! It just piles up like emotional baggage, and you don't want to get rid of it because of the "memories" it brings. WAA WAA cry it out. It is just stuff, we can't take it after we are gone.

    So, I decided to sell off all my junk via Craigslist and $$$$! Happy man with less attachment to "junk" and I have never slept better on the new King size Temperpedic bed I bought with no money out of my pocket. :)

  2. RADRealty,
    It really is the emotional attachment... I have like 20 concert stubs from The Killers concerts I have rocked out to and of course I cannot imagine parting with them! Great work on the Temperpedic Mattress. You're literally proving the hell out of really DO sleep better at night!