Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the Elf on a Shelf

If you’re the eldest of your family (like me) and childless (like me), you probably never heard of the most adorable thing in the world… the Elf on the Shelf!  As an 80’s baby, I appreciate my era of  Christmas Vacation and A Very Brady Christmas, but feel totally duped by missing out on the experience of Elf on the Shelf.

I have decided to make it my new tradition – A Carlyn Family Tradition!  I am purchasing this thing for myself and I plan on playing it with my bro and sis every year!

If you never heard of this, let me break it down...
-You adopt an Elf.
-Once you name the Elf, he or she receives magical powers.
-The Elf uses those powers to fly to the North Pole when you're sleeping and reports to Santa.
-You cannot touch or play with the Elf or it will lose it’s powers.
-The Elf watches over you to see if you’re playing nicely.
-Then the Elf will tell Santa all about your behavior... whether you've be naughty or nice 
(I am always nice).
-When you wake up in the morning you have to find your Elf.  He or she is known to land in different places. 
-Elf's particularly like the Freezer because it feels like home (the North Pole) and can be found swinging from Chandeliers. 

Awesome right?  I can only imagine how fun this would be as a lil nugget trying to find my Elf each morning during the Holidays!

Adopting (buying) an Elf today,

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