Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shopping Sundays @ The Trading Post

I love going to the Trading Post (Flee Market) at Fairfax High School on Sunday's.  There is something for everyone and a story behind every item for sale.  There is a whole lot of STUFF. I have an eclectic taste, my pad has a mix of french century modern and antique pieces.  But, the Trading Post isn't just a place to pick up some shabby chic furniture, no you can find jewelry, clothes, records, and a bunch of ish you didn't even know you needed until you saw it!

My favorite purchases of the day was this sideways gold cross bracelet ($12) and this old school style BF necklace ($10) for that special gal pal in my life who is totally irreplaceable.

I love these plants.  They are great decor for the kitchen, bathroom, even a coffee table or window seal and start at $7.

I guess for most women a successful shopping trip is never complete without glancing at the shoes with your best buddy acting a fool.  OBVI.

I know it looks like I am going gaga over this $15 ladder, but it was Lizzie who flipped over it and me making fun of her.  Just clarifying.

Make a day of it,

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