Thursday, October 27, 2011

Have you got your scary on?

I cannot believe October is almost over.  It's my favorite month, mostly because it's my Birthday Month!  I celebrated like a selfish little princess as usual this year.  One of my extravaganza's was Knott's Scary Farm.  Anthony won this huge Gorilla and we had to lug it around the entire night.  Pretty priceless.  There are only a few more days before All Hallows' Eve so go and get your scary on!  

This creepy monster took Jonas' hand and started calling for his wife "Jenny, Oh Jenny." Probably the best moment of the night.

I am not quite sure why the guys were so proud of a stuffed animal, but they carried this big guy around like it was their first born child.


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  1. You blogged!!!! hahaha That was a fun night :-) xx

    You deserve to be a selfish princess on your birthday! Isn't Anthony's coming up??