Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where the Turf meets the Surf in Del Mar

Yesterday was Opening Day at the Del Mar Race Track and it was packed with 46,588 horse lovers! That's a record breaker.  It was a perfect day of Gambling, Drinking, Eating, and hanging with the coolest man in the entire world, MY GODFATHER, Dr. James Buell!  I grew up on my Godfather's ranch in Buellton where he raised Thoroughbred Horses.  It was an incredible experience to say the least.  Next season we will have lots of ponies running for the money.  

The season ends September 7th so get down there and enjoy the classiest sport or addiction there is! It's a great date idea.  It took me about 3.5 hours to drive down from Los Angeles so plan accordingly, or like the famous song say's take a train!  Don't forget to check out the Del Mar Summer Concert Series on Friday's after the races.  August 5th my lovers band will be playing... Come play with us!

There's a Winner in every race,

Ps- I saw older ladies planking on side tables, in fancy dresses up by the suites.  Biggest laugh of the day!  Who came up with this planking thing?  It's hilarious.

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  1. You look so pretty in that pic with the bet cards. We must go together asap!