Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

What does your Christmas Tree say about you?  That's like asking me to define myself in a sentence.  Therefore, I need two trees in my loft.  The classic gold, sparkles, and hotel-esk classy-ness, but then tree number two (in my bedroom) has to knock your STOCKINGS off with it's "break all the rules, who cares what anyone else thinks attitude"... it's bold and mismatched.  What kind of tree are you?

The cotton ball tree?


Asian inspired?

Girlie girl?  Perhaps, Save the Boobies?

Dancing on the ceiling?
This year Christmas is a little different.  I am in the process of yet another move, so I could not put the tree up in my own place, but this way more than one person can enjoy!  I am not leaving the city, just moving one block north to Watermarke Tower!
My Christmas Tree says:

With a Star on top,

PS- Check out my Ol' Saint Nick! Mrs. Claus went missing sometime ago.  Isn't he adorable?  My Grandma Maybell painted him.

He has the Pepsi "For those who think young" wink going on!

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  1. So the photos...thanks for bringing in the Christmas spirit!