Sunday, January 17, 2010

His name is Marco... Marco Suave

His name is Marco, but I will call him Marco Suave and if you live in LA and have ever been to the over populated Toast on 3rd for a Sunday Brunch, with your more than likely hungover hip friends, you have seen this gorgeous man working his Tight-Diesel-Jeans-Ass-Off! So for all you too cool for school-ers, take off your over sized Diors and check this beautiful man out! My mouth waters everytime and it's not for their amazing Iced Soy Lattes! Marco Suave is seriously Festive!!! I strike real estate heaven every time I eat there. I always get his section. Now the Urban Dictionary describes My Suave as follows:Rico Suave is basically a man who is for all intended purposes Good Looking, muscular, "macho"-being totally cool toward everyone and everything, very clean and neat in appearance, a man who is 100% man: almost every lady is attracted to him because of his great charismatic ability, and when need be, he can be a real bad guy to mess with.
So here is my question... WHY hasn't some smart and talented agent picked his cute little buns up and represented him, heck maybe even date him too??? Is Suave not Suave at all? I mean he doesn't talk much. The place is packed to his defense. Gay maybe? If anyone knows of this Marco Suave please email me and let these Goo-Goo-Gaga-Gals, aka me and my friends, finally sleep at night. Perhaps one day we shall even be able to move our brunch spot when we crack this case!
Signing off with Love,

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  1. Marco Suave, he is is just as you said it SO FESTIVE! wants him. Well Played.